Honolulu Festival

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As Hawaii’s premier cultural event, the Honolulu Festival has a lot to offer and promote, including ethnic harmony, economic cooperation, and basic mutual understanding. The Festival attracts thousands of new and returning tourists each year, and all of them are looking forward to experiencing the archipelago’s unique sights and sounds.

The Festival’s activities and educational programs are sponsored by the Honolulu Festival Foundation, which throughout the years has been very successful in terms of showcasing the country’s vibrant and rich blend of Hawaiian, Pacific, and Asian cultures. The three-day event takes place March every year, usually from Friday through Sunday. In 2019, the event will run from March 8 through March 10.

Why Participate in the Festival?

To see spectacular and once in a lifetime performances!

Hawaii is home to many gorgeous resorts beloved by both local and foreign tourists. The Festival, happening in the heart of the states, is flocked by tourists coming from Europe, Asia, and the mainland US. With all these visitors, it’s just natural for the state to enlist the top performance of the world, including performers from Japan and other countries in the Pacific Rim.

This event also provides the chance to share cultures with other people regardless of their ethnic backgrounds.

To experience what’s it like being in Hawaii’s top performance venues

Performance venues have become tourist attractions as well, and not just the usual beaches and the events in Hawaii. Activities sponsored by the Festival will be held in the country’s top venues where large audiences are to be expected, such as the Waikiki Beach Walk, Hawaii Convention Center, and the Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki.

Sightseeing and more

Hawaii has always been the favorite of many travelers and vacationers. Its pristine beaches will never disappoint, and the cultural experiences can even make the trip more worthwhile. And what better way to experience these things than on the day of the Festival itself?

While sightseeing, you can also experience a wide range of cultures and traditions and you can share yours as well with the locals. Hawaii’s deeply rooted culture, which they call the Aloha Spirits, never fail to welcome everyone and bring inspiration and profound joy.

What to Expect

Regional cuisines

On the first day of the Festival, a variety of local dishes is served by the top restaurants in Oahu. They call this event the Friendship Gala, where people line up for the most scrumptious dishes before partying the night away. At the Gala, there’s a lot of food, dancing, and of course, friendships to build.

Ease of travel

Given it’s the time of the year where thousands of people are expected out and about in the streets, expect the availability of private car services all around, like a festival shuttle for example.

A festival shuttle will take you anywhere you want from the airport. This is the easiest and cheapest option since you won’t have to make arrangements at all. They are available at the airport all the time. But you can always make reservations if you like, especially if you want to rent a private car for yourself or for your group exclusively.

Visit Hawaii at the annual Honolulu Festival this year. Whether you choose to walk or hire a festival shuttle, it’s a guarantee you will experience a unique kind of vacation rooted in the cultures of the state.