Kona Coffee Farm

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Hawaii is the only state in the US to grow its own coffee, and Kona coffee just so happens to be some of the best coffee in the world. Kona coffee is grown on the slopes of the Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanoes in both the north and south Kona district. It’s the volcanic soil that makes it some of the best gourmet coffee available.

Kona coffee can be found throughout Hawaii: roadside coffee shacks, cafes, and restaurants. But you can also visit the coffee farms for yourself.

There are 650 coffee farms in Kona on the Big Island and many do offer tours. Coffee tours vary farm-by-farm and often consist of walking around the plantation, and being taken through the entire process from beans to cup, which involves drying, processing, and roasting the coffee beans. Of course many tours end with a coffee tasting and a place where you can purchase local coffee.

Besides Kona, there’s also the lesser-known Kau coffee region on the other side of the Big Island. It’s not quite as popular, but offers a quality coffee experience.

Big Island Coffee Plantations

  • Rooster Farms
  • Kuaiwi Farm
  • Sunshower Coffee Farm
  • Heavenly Hawaiian Coffee Farms
  • Mountain Thunder Kona Coffee
  • Buddha’s Cup
  • Wailele Estates Plantation
  • Ueshima Coffee
  • Holualoa Kona Coffee Company
  • Hula Daddy Kona Coffee
  • Greenwell Farms
  • Kona Joe
  • Ka’u Coffee Mill

Oahu Coffee

Many Oahu coffee companies source their beans throughout the Islands, however, coffee is also grown in central and northern Oahu. Plantations include:

  • Green World
  • Waialua Coffee

Maui Coffee

Like Oahu, most coffee roasts get their beans from Kona and throughout the Islands. However there are around 50 coffee producers on Maui including:

  • Maliko Estate Coffee Farm
  • MauiGrown Coffee’s Kananapali Fields

Kauai Coffee

Surprisingly, Kauai actually has the largest coffee farm in the entire United States. Kauai Coffee Company has 4 million coffee trees! The fields are spread across 3,100 acres, and produce a wide range of coffee roasts and flavors.

Visit a coffee farm for yourself and the sample the best coffee Hawaii has to offer. Take a tour, grab a cup of Joe, or simply buy coffee on sale in grocery stores throughout the islands. IMI also provides Kona tours and more for exploring the Big Island’s culture and history.