Best Hikes in Oahu

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Hawaii is known around the world for stunning landscapes and beautiful weather. Millions of travelers from around the world flock to the islands to take in the sheer grandeur of the natural landscape. Oahu is one of the largest islands in the chain and the most popular among tourists. It also happens to be home to some of the best hikes in Hawaii. Here are some of the best hikes in Oahu.

  1. Diamond Head Crater Hike
    Diamond Head Crater is an iconic crater located on Honolulu’s coast. There is a gorgeous hike that takes tourists up to the top of this crater offering stunning views of the coastline and capital city of Hawaii. The views on top of the inactive volcano are panoramic because of their height. Tourists can enjoy a full 360-degrees of beautiful scenery. The Diamond Head Crater Hike takes a few hours roundtrip and entrance costs $5 per vehicle. The hike is open from 6 am to 6 pm every day of the year.
  2. Pali Notches
    There are two giant notches that can be seen when driving down the Pali Highway. These protrusions are known as the Pali Notches and rest just north of the Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve. These two notches are actually man-made and were constructed to hold canons by Hawaiian warriors when fighting with other tribes. The hike up to these mountains is more of a climb than a walk, but it can still be done without equipment. Hikers must be careful and watch their steps. This hike is more difficult than some others and should only be attempted by those in good shape. The Pali Lookout is part of the IMI North Shore Eco-Fun Waterfall Tour.
  3. Manoa Falls Trail
    Manoa Falls is a beguiling waterfall located in the Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve. The hike to reach this waterfall is only 1.6 miles long. It traverses through lush canopies and dense jungle before opening up to the stunning Manoa Falls. The water is perfect for swimming, and the hike can comfortably be walked in swimwear. This is a great hike for those in need of a relaxing stroll. There isn’t much incline and the distance is not too far. Despite the ease of this hike, the views will still not disappoint.
  4. Ka’ena Point Trail
    Oahu’s western portion is dominated by the Ka’ena Point State Park. There is a trail that starts from the northern portion, leads around Oahu’s westernmost point and ends at the southern portion of the park. This isolated hike offers a great contrast to the crowds that are sightseeing on Oahu everyday. The Ka’ena Point Trail takes hikers along a rugged coastline that offers extraordinary views of the ocean.

Oahu offers some of the best hiking opportunities in the entire Hawaiian archipelago. Tourists can enjoy the natural sightseeing on Oahu while enjoying the amenities of Honolulu. These are the four best hikes in Oahu although there are many more waiting to be discovered.