Road to Hana Sights

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The historic and famous Road to Hana is a must-see experience for anyone visiting Maui. The Road to Hana offers breathtaking views and adventure fit for the whole family. From waterfalls, caves, beaches, hiking trails, and authentic Hawaiian culture, Hana has something for everyone. At over 60 miles with more than 600 curves and 50 one-lane bridges, the Road to Hana is a truly unforgettable experience. Whether you’re driving to Hana yourself or taking a professional Road to Hana tour, here are just a few of the popular sights you’ll be sure to see on your journey.

Puohokamoa Falls

Located between the 10-11 mile markers on the Hana Highway, the Puohokamoa Falls is actually comprised of the Upper Puohokamoa & Lower Puohokamoa Falls. This makes for two hundred feet of cascading waters and a sight to behold! There is a lookout point after mile marker 10, and is available to see on the IMI tours Road to Hana tour.

Ho’okipa Lookout

Ho’okipa Beach is the Mecca of windsurfing, and the lookout is easily accessible. Located past Paia on the Hana Highway, you can enjoy the views of bobbing wind and kite surfers and the vistas of the Ho’okipa Beach Park. During the winter months, the waves at Ho’okipa Beach can sometimes reach towering heights of 20 feet! So, not a spot for tourists to swim, but the views are incredible.

Wai’anapanapa State Park

Wai’anapanapa State Park is best known for its Black Sand Beach, hiking trails, blowholes, freshwater caves, sea arches, lava tubes and panoramic views. Located off the mile marker 32 on the Hana Highway, this state park is 120 acres filled with all the natural wonders and spectacular sights that make Maui famous. Strolls along the black sand beaches of Wai’anapanapa State Park are available on IMI’s Road to Hana tour.

National Tropical Botanical Garden

At the end of end of Ulaino Road, The National Tropical Botanical Gardens in Maui is the biggest collection of Hawaiian plant species and breadfruit cultivars in the world. The National Tropical Botanical Garden is also home to Polynesia’s largest religious structure known as Piilanihale. This ancient temple on the Road to Hana is made entirely of lava rock and took hundreds of years to be completed.

Puaa Kaa State Wayside Park

Pua’a Ka´a State Park is another stop on IMI Tours’ Road to Hana package. The park features handicap accessible hiking tails, recently upgraded restroom facilities, an array of park benches and picnic tables, and a waterfall for easy photo ops. It’s a great stop to make on the way to Hana.

Hamoa Beach

Located at mile marker 51, Hamoa Beach is perhaps Hana’s nicest beach, just a couple of miles detour from the town of Hana. Popular beach activities include wind surfing, snorkeling, and body surfing. This is a postcard-perfect crescent beach with a reliable surf break, but the currents can be strong.

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