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Divers Encounter Legendary Shark in Oahu

Posted On: 01/22/2019

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CNN reports that off the coast of Oahu, two shark researches came face to face with one of the largest great white sharks ever recorded. From the encounter, it is believed that the shark may be Deep Blue, a 50-years- old and 20-foot-long female great white shark.

The shark was spotted by Ocean Ramsey, a shark researcher and conservationist, and her fiancé and business partner, Juan Oliphant. It started when the Hawaii department of land and natural resources were alerted that great white and tiger sharks had been feeding on a dead sperm whale off Oahu.

Ramsey and her team had been monitoring the tiger sharks when the great white appeared. She took the opportunity to take Instagram images of her swimming with the great white to show that the sharks must be protected instead of feared.

Ramsey said, “There’s not a lot of sympathy for sharks because of the way they’re portrayed in media and they don’t have the cute cuddly appearance. You can’t hate them for being predators. We need them for healthy marine ecosystems.”

The group got close enough to touch the shark as it passed by them. Ramsey reached out and touched the shark. However, most divers do not recommend this, but Ramsey noted that "sometimes sharks seek touch."

"I waited quietly, patiently, observing as she swam up to the dead sperm whale carcass and then slowly to me," she said. "I gently put my hand out to maintain a small space so her girth could pass."

She later warned that the sharks can be unpredictable, writing: "I highly discourage people from purposely jumping in the water with great white sharks or tiger sharks."

Despite the viral images, it remains unclear if the shark was actually the famed Deep Blue, the largest great white ever recorded.