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Thanksgiving in Hawaii 2018

Posted On: 11/09/2018

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Thanksgiving in Hawaii
Photo Credit: IMI Tours
Vacationing during the Holidays doesn’t mean you have to miss your favorite traditions. If you’re headed to Hawaii for Thanksgiving, there’s plenty to get you into the holiday spirit. From "Hawaiian-style" Thanksgiving buffets to holiday parades, you can enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday in Hawaii. If you’re lucky enough to be in Hawaii for Thanksgiving, there’s more than just great sun and surf. Enjoy the Hawaiian take on traditional thanksgiving treats or find something more seasonal to occupy your time.

Thanksgiving Meals

Feast the local way! There’s a Hawaiian version of all the standard Thanksgiving fare. Kalua turkey is prepared in an underground oven, the same way we cook pigs for luaus. It’s usually prepared with sausage, garlic, and Hawaiian salt and has a moist, smoky taste. Hawaiian style side dishes include Okinawan sweet potatoes, Portuguese sausage stuffing, and poi. Lots of restaurants, supermarkets, and hotels usually sell complete pre-made turkey dinners ready for pickup. There’s a number of brunch and dinner Thanksgiving Buffets as well including Mauna Lani Fairmont Orchard on the Big Island and the Waikiki Prince in Oahu. There’s also holiday cruises like Pacific Whale Foundation Thanksgiving Cruise in Maui. Enjoy classic dishes and entertainment at sea!

Thanksgiving Activities

Enjoy turkey trots, parades, and more in Hawaii. For those looking to burn come calories, several 10-mile Turkey trots throughout the islands including the 43rd Annual Turkey Trot in Honolulu. The Waikiki Holiday Parade is held on Friday, November 23rd. The parade was originally designed to commemorate the survivors of Pearl Harbor, but now combines with the holidays. Holiday Kick Off at the Royal Hawaiian Center offers an official tree-lighting ceremony, festive music, and a visit from Santa. Enjoy Thanksgiving in Hawaii, and book a shuttle service for all your holiday transportation needs!