Read Top Questions Asked about Our Tours

IMI Tours offers sightseeing excursions and guided tours on Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island (Hawaii).

We offer a wide variety of tours from adventure to cultural. While some of our most popular tours are on Oahu, we recommend browsing each island on selecting a tour that fits your personal preferences.

Cancellations are at no charge up to 24 hours prior to the initial tour time. Any cancellation 24 hours or less before pick-up time will be charged the full rate for the ride. Cancellations made after hours by answering service will be accepted based on the time-stamp on the message.

Our pick-up locations are located at most major hotels in Hawaii or convenient designated pick-up spots if access is not available at your hotel.

IMI Tours is not your typical guided tour in Hawaii. This is because instead of large buses, we employ local guides driving smaller vehicles from SUVs to 11 passenger Mercedes-Benz shuttles. These types of tours help create a more intimate, relaxing, and educational experience.

The length of our tours varies on the tour selected. Please, refer to the specific tour for the average departure and return times.

Yes.  You can reserve group transportation or airport shuttle service through SpeediShuttle.  Alternatively, you can also book on-demand or pre-scheduled rides through our local rideshare service holoholo.