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Responsible Travel

2022-09-27T17:52:14+00:00September 27, 2022|News, Travel|

Of course, vacations should be fun, and how can anyone not have fun in Hawaii, but we need to travel the right way. That means responsible travel. The concept of responsible travel simply means to respect the environment and cultures of anywhere you travel.  Wherever you travel it's important to avoid contributing waste and disturbing the natural ecosystems, while simultaneously embracing local cultures. This is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Share the Aloha

2021-10-29T13:41:04+00:00April 14, 2020|Hawaii, News|

The constant news cycle regarding the coronavirus pandemic has left many of us feeling anxious and worried not only for the health of ourselves and our loved ones, but also the cities and towns we live in. Imi Tours invites you to share the aloha spirit and support your local community during COVID-19 while keeping yourself safe.

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