Located just north of Honolulu, Nu´uanu Pali Lookout is a sightseeing spot with panoramic views of Oahu’s windward side. From this point, you can see Kaneohe, Kaneohe Bay, and Kailua, amongst other areas.

Nu´uanu Pali Lookout is also incredibly important to the island’s history. In 1795, Kamehameha The Great conquered the island of Oahu. One of the bloodiest battles in the island’s history took place here, where more than 400 of Kalanikupule’s soldiers were driven off the cliff to their deaths.

Due to the strong winds and rock formations, Nu´uanu Pali Lookout is in somewhat of a natural wind tunnel, so even on a calm day you’ll need to hold on to your hat. The views and surrounding mountains are beautiful and lush, and a big contrast to the city below.

The lookout sometimes closes, so be sure to check ahead. Enjoy your visit to Nu´uanu Pali, and don’t forget to contact IMI Tours for all your transportation needs around the island.

Nu´uanu Pali Lookout Tips

  • Be Careful. Severe gusts of winds are likely at any time.
  • Leave your hats and scarves at home as they’re likely to be blown off.
  • Secure your camera with a strap, and make sure you have a good grip on any selfie stick.

The Nu´uanu Pali Lookout is a favorite spot on our IMI Tours and is featured on the Oahu Circle Island Tour, North Shore Eco-Fun Waterfall Tours, and North Shore Eco-Fun Surf Tours. Visit our Oahu Tours page for a full listing of tours available.

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Nu´uanu Pali Lookout