Green Travel

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Of course, vacations should be fun, and how can anyone not have fun in Hawaii, but we need to travel the right way. That means responsible travel. The concept of responsible travel simply means to respect the environment and cultures of anywhere you travel.  Wherever you travel it’s important to avoid contributing waste and disturbing the natural ecosystems, while simultaneously embracing local cultures. This is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint.

To this end, Imi Tours is a big believer in ecotourism, and it’s a great way to enjoy amazing vacations anywhere in the world. Ecotourism brings together the best of conservation and travel. The idea behind ecotourism is to create a more positive experience for both visitors and locals. Our aim in tourism is to minimize the impact on the land, while promoting cultural awareness.

Imi Tours embraces these ideas by offering a variety of non-evasive tours. Our tours range from honoring the past at the USS Arizona Memorial or USS Missouri Battleship on Oahu, Kona history and cultural tours on the Big Island, or taking in the beauty of Waimea Canyon on Kauai. We offer smaller vehicles for safer and more personalized experiences, and are committed to sustainability wherever we travel.

Additional tips for responsible travel include staying at LEED-certified hotels, turning down the AC, reusing hotel towels, and eating at farm-to-table restaurants. With farm-to-table, local food is transported over shorter distances which overall consumes less fuel and creates fewer emissions. Organic ingredients additionally promote better health and don’t leave potentially harmful chemicals in the soil. Buying locally is particularly relevant in places like Hawaii that may have more limited resources. Lastly it’s important to try to reduce the energy from getting from the airport to hotels. This includes taking public transportation, shuttle services like those at SpeediShuttle, or rideshare services like holoholo. While getting around the island, try to walk whenever possible but when you need a ride, keep in mind that holoholo is a local business and using our rideshare services are a great way to support the community.

We encourage you to have fun exploring the island, while supporting the ideas of ecotourism and responsible travel.