The island of Kauai has so many sites and activities to entertain visitors during their visit. One of the best is Russian Fort Elizabeth, a National Historic Landmark located southeast of present-day Waimea — and IMI has the perfect tour for those looking to visit.

The star fort is the last remaining Russian fort on the Hawaiian Islands, built in the 19th century because of an alliance between the Russian-American Company and the High Chief Kaumuali’i. The builder and agent of the Russian-American Company, Georg Anton Schäffer, built the Russian Fort Elizabeth without the permission of the Tsar, and was forced to leave Kauai upon this discovery. The fort eventually was taken over by King Kamehameha’s supporters. After being practically used in attempted military coups, the fort was abandoned in 1853. This diplomatic relic housed Hawaii’s first Orthodox Christian church.

Russian Fort Elizabeth is 17.5 acres of Hawaiian coast, so even if you’re not the biggest history buff around, you’ll love spending the day touring around the remains of the fort. You’ll want to make sure you bring your sunscreen, water, sunglasses, and cap, as well as a full battery for your camera — Russian Fort Elizabeth is one of the most picturesque landmarks on the island.

Travel Tips

  • Comfortable shoes for walking
  • Extra pair of Slippers/Flip Flops
  • Sunscreen, Hat and Sunglasses
  • Extra change of clothes
  • Water bottle

IMI Tours offers a fun and informative tour of Russian Fort Elizabeth — make your reservation now! Russian Fort Elizabeth is featured on the  Waimea Canyon Half Day Eco Fun Tour or find out more about things to do in Kauai with IMI Tours.

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