Showing Aloha

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Tourism has always been a driving force in the Hawaiian economy, fueling job creation and economic growth. The recent wildfires had a profound impact, disrupting the flow of visitors and revenue. Hotels, restaurants, and shops felt the effects, and now they need our help.

After the devastating fires on West Maui, visitors were asked to leave the island completely. Now, we need your support to revive our businesses and help our employees. Last year, we saw up to 8,000 visitors every day at this time. Currently, we’re only getting around 3,000 visitors per week. While it’s an improvement compared to the complete halt after the fire, it’s still not enough to sustain the local economy.

By venturing beyond the affected areas and exploring the rest of Maui and the Hawaiian Islands, we can play a vital role in the recovery process. The West Maui region is reopening on October 8th, and soon visitors will be welcomed back with open arms.   Officials have emphasized the importance of reopening the island to tourism. It is not only an economic necessity but also a way to support those who are suffering.

Join us in rebuilding, reconnecting, and rediscovering the beauty of Maui. You are welcome here, and your presence is crucial for our recovery.

Let’s show our solidarity and support by planning our next trip to Hawaii. We can immerse ourselves in the beauty and culture of this incredible state while helping it bounce back from adversity. The time is now to make a difference. Start planning your visit to the beautiful state of Hawaii today.