Waimea Canyon is one of the most highly visited spots on Kauai, and for good reason. Dubbed “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific” by Mark Twain, this beautiful canyon is one of the most majestic natural spots in the world. It is the largest canyon in the Pacific at ten miles long, one mile wide, and over 3,500 feet deep. For anyone headed to Kauai this is a must see sight to behold.

This canyon was made by rivers and floods from Mount Waialeale’s summit thousands of years ago, and the red tint of the water is caused by the ancient rocks that form the canyon.

Luckily you can take in Waimea Canyon from three official lookout spots with the best views. The official Waimea Canyon lookout is just past Mile Marker 10 on Highway 550, the Puu Ka Pele lookout is a more intimate lookout near mile marker 13, and the third, the Puu Hinahina Lookout, is located between mile markers 13-14. Each offers a different breathtaking view, so make sure to take your time to visit all three.

Waimea Canyon Lookout Tips

  • Always bring sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen
  • Have a change of clothes
  • Bring comfortable walking shoes
  • Take your camera and your sense of adventure

Waimea Canyon must be on your list of places to visit in Kauai, and you can rely on IMI Tours to get you to each of the lookout spots comfortably, safely, and stylishly. Waimea Canyon is featured on the Waimea Canyon Half Day Eco Fun Tour. Reserve a tour or get some tips for things to do in Kauai with IMI Tours.

Waimea Canyon