Oahu, known as the, “gathering isle” is the most modernly developed island, yet between the buildings are Hawai’i’s most beautiful places. You can visit one of these places by booking a Waimea Valley Waterfall tour. This area holds an important place in the history and cultural relevance of the Hawaiian people. IMI Tours will take you on a journey where you can marvel at the gorgeous landscapes. It will make you feel like you are in another world.

Waimea Valley is a Sacred Spot

Waimea directly translating to “reddish water” in Hawaiian. Some accounts even say that Waimea means “sacred spot.” This valley has held a huge significance to the people of the island. Ancient Hawaiians knew that the land was sacred. They often would have gatherings and other religious ceremonies in the Valley region. In fact, the largest “heiau” (religious place) of Oahu overlooks the Valley. There are many other temples located in the Valley area. You will find out why Waimea Valley is frequently known as “The Valley of the Priests”. Today, the land has been returned into the hands of Native Hawaiians. They are now the proud caretakers of this magnificent region.

The Waimea Falls Park is a beautiful botanical garden complete with a breathtaking waterfall. The grounds include over 35 distinct collections of plant species. The botanical garden is considered the finest collection of Polynesian plants in the world. Visitors can also see other rare and endangered plants that are native to the Hawaiian Islands. Waimea Falls Park features presentations and workshops that perpetuate the rich culture of the Hawaiian people.

Visit the Waimea Valley Waterfall

When you book a Waimea Valley Waterfall tour, your journey will take you on a 30-minute walk to the famous Waimea Falls. The waterfall is anchored at the end of the half-mile journey. Before you get there, you will take a peaceful stroll through the unique plants and flowers of the Valley. Along with your walk, there are many signs that describe the history, culture, and flora of the Waimea Valley. Your IMI Tour guide will also be available to answer any questions as well. The spectacular sights will make it worth the visit. Witness for yourself as the 30-foot waterfall cascades into the fresh water natural pool below.

At one time, cliff divers performed at the top of the waterfall. While they are gone today, you can still swim in the pool or take the plunge from the waterfall itself. Safety is very important to the staff at the park. Life jackets are available and trained lifeguards are on duty.

Before you go, there are a few things to take along on the tour.

  • Always bring sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen
  • Have a change of clothes
  • Bring comfortable walking shoes
  • Take your camera and your sense of adventure

Visiting Waimea Valley Park will give you a new appreciation for the natural beauty of the Island. You will see why the Hawaiian people have called this region a “sacred spot.” When you book your Waimea Valley Waterfall tour, you can witness for yourself the best of Oahu’s natural beauty.

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Waimea Valley Waterefall