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My husband and I met Ellie, when she picked us up from the airport and took us to our hotel. We really liked Ellie! On the way to our hotel, we enjoyed visiting with her and learning about the sites in Kauai. Ellie is a great story teller and made us laugh so hard that our cheeks were hurting. She has great wisdom and is a kind person,too.

When we wanted to hire a driver to take us around the island, for our own made up tour, Ellie quickly popped into our mind and luckily for us, she was available! Our first stop was Walmart and Ellie came in with us and showed us exactly where the chocolate covered macadamia nuts were located and even pointed out the six pack so we could save money. On our journey through the east side of the island, we saw both waterfalls, the lighthouse, King Kong, and the chocolate factory. We also ate a delicious lunch and dessert from Hamura’s Saimin menu!! Our day was relaxing and fun and our expectations were not only met but exceeded, thanks to Ellie. So when you want to create your own private tour, request Ellie at SpeediShuttle / IMI Tours.!!

Dear Ellie,
Thank you very much for our memorable day of sightseeing. We enjoyed spending time with you, as we saw the beautiful sights in Kauai. You are a genuine woman with a heart of gold and a sparkly personality. Ellie, you are gifted and talented, too. We will always remember you, when we think of Kauai. You are the best!!
Juli and Michael